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"The management training we took at the Hubbard College has turned out to be a real lifesaver for us. Soon after our training we began applying it and the business flooded in. Anyone can have a successful business if they apply what they learn at the College. The management technology is simple, easy and fun, not to mention financially rewarding.""

— Alan and Sheila Atkinson-Baker
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Monday, October 31st, 2011

Certainty Selling

Some sales trainers teach that “conviction” is the ground zero of successful selling, defining conviction as “a strong belief.” You may have heard the term “Conviction Selling” used before.

Another term of similar meaning is “Certainty Selling.”

The definition of “certainty” is “something inevitable, a conclusion or outcome that is beyond doubt.” The word is derived from the Latin certus, meaning “sure, fixed.”

Whether one calls it conviction selling or certainty selling, if a salesperson is certain of the quality and the exchange value of their product, and their skill in applying the technology of selling, their confidence will be evident in every stage of the selling process, and first and foremost, in their quality and certainty of communication.

Do you have total confidence in your product and your ability to apply the technology of selling?

Selling is a technology, and you can master it!

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Success Using The Complete Guide to Successful Selling Book and Workbook

I purchased  The Complete Guide to Successful Selling and I wanted to share some of my achievements in using the book.

I found the points on building agreement and discovering interest amazingly simple and worth the time and effort to establish with a client.

I noticed a tremendous increase in my ability to match and raise another’s tone level as well as establishing agreement and overcoming the client’s doubts and fears. In fact I watch them melt in front of me.

I am in the wedding business and my success rate is nearly a one-for-one closing ratio since purchasing this book (and I have raised my prices by as much as 25%).

So with a better closing ratio despite price increases, I am on target to triple my income!

This is all with just reading through the book once, understanding the ideas presented and putting a couple of the points to use.

I am now going through it again, from the beginning, to take my understanding to a higher level.

This time I am actually doing the drills, essays and demonstrations from the Complete Guide to Successful Selling Workbook (I didn’t do them the first time through).

I plan really master all eight steps of selling and integrate fully all of the sales tools.

It all dovetails perfectly, fills in the many missing gaps from other sales manuals I’ve read and the book distills it all down to the basics. I appreciate your book and I would say it was worth the price many times over!


Monday, October 17th, 2011

The Myth of Selling

There are many myths about selling, and one of the most common is that a salesperson is born with the ability to sell: “you either have it you don’t”.

Without question, communication is the heart of life, and the key to success in all areas of it. But what isn’t well known is that communication can be vastly improved with the proper training! In fact, simply by learning the basic principles of communication, one can markedly improve his or her communication skills.

But while good communication is essential to selling success, there is much more to the technology of selling.

That technology includes understanding the principles of effective control, the laws of interest, the fundamentals of human emotions, and the ability to apply management by statistics. Effective selling also requires a good knowledge of one’s product.

There can be a vast difference between a person trained in the technology of selling and one who is not.

A properly trained salesperson will earn considerably more money and enjoy greater job security than one who is untrained. For an organization, the difference between a trained sales staff and an untrained one can mean the difference between failure and success.

Selling is a technology, and you can master it!

For more information on The Complete Guide To Successful Selling go here